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I never said they didn't make yellow. I said they haven't made that color in years, as it has been discontinued. People selling something always try to talk it up. I'm not "crap talking", I'm informing would be buyers of what's for sale. I don't sell the boats, I make them work better, big difference. My info here is appreciated by everyone looking to buy, and wanting to make their Mokai the best it can be.
Boats For Sale / Wanted / Re: FOR SALE: Three Mokai Jetboats and Trailer (Southern Oregon)
« Last post by Captain Nemo on April 15, 2024, 01:46:57 PM »
Evidently you've got some bad info.  They indeed made yellow, as is evidenced by my boat.  Frankly, I prefer the original ES-CAPE.  You have a lot of opinions.  Does crap taking the brand you sell work for your business model?  Wow.
There were many updates to the design from 2019 to present. Yours is not the current model, yellow hasn't been offered in a few years and many of the important updates have taken place since that time. Elimination of the electric fuel pump, gear box updates, manual controls and more reliable electrical system. You do not have the latest model. Fact. If you were selling 3 2.0's, than that would be very good deal. The Subaru Es-kapes is what hurts your value the most, they have plummeted in value substantially.

I bring these facts up because making these boats work best is what I do, and my customers depend on me for accurate information based on my experience with them. I hate hearing from a customer who bought a boat and didn't know it was going to require a couple grand in work to salvage their investment, or for them to hear it will never be what they wanted. Bringing those V1 Es-kapes up to par entails a lot of work and expense, and they still will never compete with the 2.0 for speed, nor will they compare with the original one piece model for shallow water ability. It's tough sell. Good luck.
Boats For Sale / Wanted / Re: FOR SALE: Three Mokai Jetboats and Trailer (Southern Oregon)
« Last post by Captain Nemo on April 15, 2024, 11:43:56 AM »
Respectfully, as this is your site.  The 2.0 literally is the latest model right on Mokai's own site. 

Value is hard to place.  Brand new with maybe 10 hours of use on the 2.0.  Upgrades not even offered on Mokais web site (intake, controls cover, etc.).  UHMW on trailer was $2K alone.  Registration in Oregon paid.  This is a very good deal. 

Positivity is infectious.   ;)
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The 2.0 is not the "latest" model, as it is yellow, but it does have the updated hood so that is good. Being stock with the problematic electronic controls, value would be around $4k, at best. Each of the Subaru Es-kapes would be worth around $2500 each, those are riddled with design problems and have been the most undesirable of all the models. They are all but impossible to move. Trailer might be worth a couple grand? So realistically, the package might be worth $11k.
Boats For Sale / Wanted / FOR SALE: Three Mokai Jetboats and Trailer (Southern Oregon)
« Last post by Captain Nemo on April 14, 2024, 03:29:08 PM »
For sale, three (3) Mokai brand jetboats with trailer.  One (1) Mokai ES-CAPE 2.0 (newest model – like new condition), two (2) model ES-CAPE (excellent condition), and trailer modified specifically for Mokai hauling and launching.

Mokai are essentially small jetboats suitable for use by adults and supervised children.  As jetboats they are not considered personal watercraft and therefore not subject to “jetski” limitations found on some waterways.  At 9.5 HP (2.0 model) and 7 HP (1.0 models) users do not need a powerboat license to operate (Oregon).  Both models are capable of speeds exceeding 20 MPH depending on load. 

Boats have been stored indoors, meticulously maintained and are in excellent condition.  Both models include “fly-by-wire” controls, quick disassembly and “nesting” making it possible to fit one boat into a Prius (as advertised by Mokai).  Boats are registered in the State of Oregon as jetboats and include current registration through 2025 (1) and 2024 (2).  Impellors and stators are in excellent condition.

Additional special non-standard features (from manufacturer) include: upgraded stainless steel intake grates, fixed bow hardware, towing hooks, stainless electronics covers (ES-CAPE), integral water-proof storage (ES-CAPE), and bow ropes.

Trailer is refurbished snowmobile trailer with bed custom-lined with durable UHMD capable of tipping and LED lights. 

To replace these boats, options, and trailer today new would be around $35,000.

$13,000 for everything.  Would consider selling boats separate, but not preferred.  Inquire directly for alternate pricing scenarios.

Contact Aaron: (E) (M) 541.660.8518
Is this Mokai still for sale?
Boats For Sale / Wanted / Re: 2010 Mokai for sale– Santa Clarita CA Area
« Last post by Wader on April 04, 2024, 03:33:17 PM »
I am interested in your Mokai.  I live in Grand Junction, CO and looks like a 20 hour drive from me to you.  I have commitments until Wednesday of next week.  If it is still for sale, I would like to drive down and make an offer.  Wade McGruder  720-877-5221
Boats For Sale / Wanted / Re: Wanting to buy a 2012 or older Mokai
« Last post by Painlesstom on April 03, 2024, 11:05:46 AM »
Boats For Sale / Wanted / 2010 Mokai for sale– Santa Clarita CA Area
« Last post by Dragon on April 03, 2024, 01:01:48 AM »
I have a 2010 yellow Mokai for sale. I purchased it with another one and I am considering on selling it as family has no solid interest and it has been sitting for six months. I have gone through it and have upgraded to Tom’s clutch, remote grease, pump rebuild/upgrade and flotation cell cargo hatch. I have replaced the killswitch, choke cable, carburetor, and intake grate. I have had it out on the water once without issue other than a small leak possibly coming from a repair from the previous owner that I have not had the time to properly chase down(patch can be seen in photo). other than that, it feels mechanically sound with a reliable engine. Currently asking for $2500  located Southern California
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