Author Topic: Hull Flexing in the cockpit - ballooning - huge speed loss  (Read 425 times)

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Just finished two 2014 models with many of my upgrades, first river test ended up a flop because the floor was trying to come up between my legs like a parachute... My personal ES-kape is a 2015, and does not have this problem at all, so I was surprised to see it on both the 2014's back to back. Apparently there were 1st year issues that didn't carry on into the later models, all I can think of since both these boats were next to new with very little signs of use. Anyhow, I installed a cross brace in each one like the one piece models have and problem solved. Made the difference between going 10 mph up river to 15 mph, 13 down to over 18! So if you have an ES-kape with one of these defective hulls, know there is a solid solution.  \./8