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Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by CC-CODER on February 22, 2020, 09:08:24 PM »
Those conditions look pretty choppy, glad you made it back safe. Better check the spec's on how much weight the roof can hold. I think the pickup truck idea would workout good with the new trailer, looks like there would be enough room.
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Craig5251 on February 22, 2020, 09:02:16 PM »
I went on the Delaware River today after work. About five mph breeze. After about two miles, I started to head back, and the wind kicked up to 25-30 mph against me. I got soaked! I was not dressed properly either, cotton jeans, cotton shirt, and cotton sweatshirt.........Bad Craig.

Iím picking up my new camper next Saturday, so Iíll start figuring out how Iím going to get the boat on top.

I also found a sunken boat, but had no way to salvage it.
Chat / Re: Stik Boat
« Last post by gink on February 22, 2020, 08:24:52 AM »
Got a Stik boatĒanglerĒ I,m selling.It,s a 2018 model in excellent working condition. It has 20 hours on motor with never a problem.It has one patch on hull where a rock was lightly touched.Iíll send pictures directly to anyone interested.The trailer is included.$4000. I can be reached at three o1eight 14 3781.
Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: Pump Guard for 2.0
« Last post by Mokai Dreamin' on February 21, 2020, 06:04:25 PM »
Hello Rich:

Nice to see some other people purchasing the 2.0. I'm curious if yours came with the new one piece hood? I'm also still curious as well to see speed results, and at what weight. Right at the end of last season I got my electric fuel pump installed, but the river had so many leaves in it I never had much of a chance to really test without picking up debris.

Bill Zeiler made up a stomp grate for mine to try to deal with that issue, and I'm working on a idler pulley set up so I can use the original clutch. I'm assuming Mokai is still sending the boat out without the clutch?. I'm not sure they will bring it back or not, but I happen to get one of the original ones, so trying to utilize it. I think it helps immensely with keeping the grate free, and just so nice to be able to go to neutral. 

I'm not doing much posting on the forum as were still at -20 below zero temperatures here in Fairbanks. It's been about 10 or 15 above lately, but lows are still pretty nasty. I look forward to breaking the boat out sometime in April for the spring. Boating season starts in May here.

One question about this pump guard. It seems like it would almost act like a shovel if you simply push it away from the shore. What has your experience been? I know when I push my boat on the sandy bottoms of the river here the nozzle fills up with sand/silt and even with water flowing through it it doesn't clear it out completely. I'm wondering if the turbulence of the water keeps that entire area clear? I figured some clever individual would come up with a design for a pump guard, and it looks nicely executed.

I hope you'll post some speed results, rpm drop off, etc. This guard looks like a great addition! Nice job! And thanks for sharing!
Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: Pump Guard for 2.0
« Last post by Larry on February 21, 2020, 04:44:23 PM »
Wow..Great job
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Painlesstom on February 20, 2020, 10:30:28 PM »
Half gallon would be ok at $23, hopefully that's what it was. If that was for 1 quart, I would definitely return them!  :-O
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Craig5251 on February 20, 2020, 10:09:57 PM »
Wow! The one time I didnít shop around, and I get ripped off. Iíll have to find the site I used, I thought it said $23 for the half gallon size, not a quart. Maybe Iíll return them.
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Painlesstom on February 20, 2020, 08:55:13 PM »
Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: Pump Guard for 2.0
« Last post by Craig5251 on February 20, 2020, 08:10:05 PM »
Thatís really cool! I would love to see some videos!
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Craig5251 on February 20, 2020, 08:03:50 PM »
I havenít tried to buff the windshield yet, no hurry for that.

Tom recommends Amsoil oil, so I ordered five quarts. I think I got ripped off, as it was $23.00 a quart! Is that right?
If itís that good Iíll use it, but wow!

Headed out again this weekend, then an oil change.
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