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I was thinking more out of a piece of aluminum, but stainless would definitely be a heck of a lot stronger.  If you decide to try one out of  stainless steel tubing,  I would purchase one.  If you need some detailed measurements just let me know.
Ok, thanks for that info. I'll go check one soon, really curious now. lol

Much faster to weld a grate up from 5/16" stainless solid rod, and would be twice as tough. Trying to cut a grate from 6061 on my CNC would be much more complicated and time consuming, hours and hours, and steel isn't an option. Laser or water jet would be the way to go for CNC to do one of these.
Spacing is quarter-inch by the way. This would actually be a good project for your new CNC Tom. You could start with a quarter-inch end mill, and finish up with a round over bit. You would have to set up for two-sided milling though with some registration holes. Probably easier than welding tubing.
Thanks for the pics, that looks to be more open than previous models. I'll put a tape measure on the ones I have later and we'll see how they compare.
I'm not sure about version 1 of the escape, but the grate on version 2 is much simpler in design and I would think would be easy to make out of tubular steel or should I say easier.  Working with those tiny pieces I'm sure is not that easy:) Here's a few pics. The danger of course as Tom pointed out is more things can pass through.
Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: Improvements - Pump and Wear Ring
« Last post by Painlesstom on October 12, 2019, 12:01:46 PM »
Nick, I've pointed out these problems with the pump for YEARS!! I've rebuilt hundreds of pumps with the same problems and Mokai has no doubt heard, read, or seen it for themselves and have not done anything to change it. I didn't just start doing this, Nick, I've been fixing these for the past 8 years and sharing the results. My post was not to bash Mokai, but to point out the new pump is just the same old pump and when you have a problem I have a solution. Mokai will rebuild a defective pump with the same parts, nothing changes, so does the problem go away?? No. I offer an alternative, and many people appreciate that. Why is that such a problem for you?

The customer did not ask to remain anonymous, I chose not to elaborate as to who that was because Mokai has treated people differently who deal with me and has on numerous occasions threatened to void a warranty for using my parts. I'm just being courteous.

The aluminum wear ring hasn't caused any prop damage that I'm aware of, certainly none of mine have been the past 8 years I've been using them on mine for hundreds of hours. The resurfacing agent is JB Marine Epoxy and that is the sacrificial element in the design.  I was going through stock wear rings at $28 a pop, usually 2 a month, that adds up quick.... Resurfacing my wear ring 5 times costs $4 and will save  $136 in buying stock wear rings... Over time the impeller will erode if you ingest a lot of sand, maybe a little more with my ring but the plastic ring has proven to as well. Suit yourself, again it's an option you are welcome to use or refuse. I've sold hundreds and hundreds without any complaint, not one. If you really feel that way about this why did you order 2 for your 1.0???? Mokai also hates my clutch, yet you bought one of those too.

But really, Nick, chill out with the controversy. First you're mad at me, then you apologize and get mad at Rick, why be mad at anybody? This is a plastic boat with a lawn mower engine that we're all just trying to have fun with.  ;D

Oh... And clutch on a gokart and clutch on a Mokai, two different uses and demands. Wheels on the ground causes much more wear on a kart, impeller offers no resistance during clutch engagement and as a result there is little to no wear during normal use. Also my clutch has a radial ball bearing instead of a oilite bushing that kart clutches wear out frequently. Apples to oranges.
I heat and bend the frame around a jig then weld the bars in. The stock grate is definitely a restriction and any increase in flow is a benefit until you encounter debris. My grate will let more pass through so I will find much more debris in my impeller compared to a stock grate. It's a trade off. I recall a solid .5 mph increase from swapping grates. Every little bit counts.
Chat / Re: Fun Buggy RC Project with old Mokai Parts
« Last post by bizler on October 12, 2019, 11:12:19 AM »
Cool stuff, Tom.  Iíll be watching.  \./8
Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: Improvements - Pump and Wear Ring
« Last post by voipwell on October 12, 2019, 10:56:53 AM »
So by saying "somewhere in the world" it appears the owner would like to remain anonymous.  He must be afraid of reprisal from Mokai.
This post appears to indicate that there is something wrong with Mokai's jet motor that went to the customer.  A dry seal or something.  Mokai has a warranty and would fix a mfg defect for free but the user rather pay you to fix it and not tell Mokai. 

Ok, let's see if Mokai treats people on the forum that post fairly different than those that remain anonymous.  I have an order in for a Mokai and i'm expecting it within a week.  Let's see if expressing your feelings about Mokai fairly and your experiences fairly causes harm in the relationship with them.  This post was not fair because they never had a chance to look at it and determine the cause.

Test to not get my boat shiped:
Mokai made mistakes with the gas tank and the fuel pump on the initial 2.0 releases.  They shouldn't have.  They shouldn't have increased the weight of the boat(but may have had to because of engine options).  They had problems and continued to ship but i am conflicted about that.  Would you rather have a few Mokai's with issues still being worked out or Mokai to run out of capital,  go bankrupt and then no more parts or new Mokai's for other people besides ourselves.  Each and every Mokai 2.0 user financed their business without being asked.  The conflict i have is if Marie called Monday and said well,  we didn't get it all worked out yet but would you like one like we sent you in August i would say yes, yes, yes.    I bought a clutch and two aluminum wear rings from Painless. Tom shipped it immediately.  He ships faster than Mokai.

Test to get banned from Forum:
Aluminum wear ring cause prop damage.  There is no soft wear ring to absorb the shearing force of small debris that can damage the prop.  I would only use them if Mokai approved of it and i haven't asked them yet but it wouldn't make sense to hurt your impellers.  What do you say to Mokai when you need a new impeller?  "It was cold and i guess the wear ring that was supposed to absorb the punishment of that sand and small debris was too stiff so the prop bent".  I asked the kart guy i bought my racing engine from what is the part you have to replace most on a racing kart.  He said the clutch.

OK.  Those are two honest criticisms of what i see around me.  That should ge me banned and lose my new boat unless i get banned before Mokai sees or hears about this.  No,  actually i'm sending this in an email to Marie so if i get banned anyone can contact them for a copy.

Very cool. Tom. Is it a difficult to make ribs curve inward? Gains up to pi/2 working area. Or have you tested speed with and without your grate and found no difference, which would imply it is already not a bottleneck?
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