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Tested cold air intake today. If I hadn't been there, and seen it on two GPS apps, I wouldn't have believed it.  :-O

Chat / Re: Flying again
« Last post by Larry on Today at 12:40:59 PM »
Way to go !!!!
I have a few New EX21 in the box electric start Subaru/Robin engines for sale, $500 plus shipping. you get what you see in the pictures, Getting harder to find and these are a great price, jacks small engines sells them for $679
I had a starter go out which made me go on the hunt for parts and its was cheaper to buy a whole new engine and have some extra pieces.
 email me at if your interested.
Not an option, and even if it were there would be issues with cavitation from such small blades. So no changes to impeller will be happening.
      Sounds like an impeller with less pitch might take advantage of the engines higher rpms ?   I know, not an easy thing to test. 
I haven't put it on the scale, but it doesn't feel any different lifting it in and out so any difference wouldn't affect speed to an extent that would be noteworthy. I made up a cold air intake and hope to test that tomorrow. Should make a difference in retaining performance once the engine compartment temps exceed ambient. If I can get it to hold it's initial RPM that would be incredible, but I think some of the heat being made is due to the engine running below it's actual power band. 5000-5600 rpm is where this engine was meant to run, making it labor down below 4400 might be building heat but the cold air intake test will answer that question. Fingers crossed. Regardless it's making a ton of power so it's a win either way.  \./8
Chat / Re: Flying again
« Last post by Painlesstom on March 02, 2021, 10:46:16 PM »
Looking and sounding good!
What's the weight difference between the Subaru and Tillotson 212E, enough to make a difference in speed?
Wanted to know how this motor would do in some other year model hulls so I could compare how it performed in those and compared to Subaru EX21 w/ 17 head engines that were in them already.  Tested it in a 2004 I just finished and then in my 2003. Tillotson is a solid performer in both.

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