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Mokai ES-Kape 2.0 / Re: 2.0 Review
« Last post by Mokai Dreamin' on July 22, 2019, 04:00:37 PM »
A few more things to add to the review:

I originally said that the harmony kayak console would not fit the 2.0, but thinking about that it seemed kind of crazy that Mokai would purposely make a new mold just to increase the cockpit by a few inches. A new mold would be expensive. So, I took the bolts out of the harmony kayak console and slid it in from the bow towards the Stern, and with a little persuasion, it fits!

I also mentioned there is a handle attached to the cockpit front, and looking at some old photographs it appears it was there on the version 1 as well. The new handle is a bit beefier however, but apparently is not brand-new ideal at least. This is where Mokai wants for you to tie the boat down btw. Handle at the very front of the bow is now webbing, with a rubber grip.

I also spoke with Rick this morning from Mokai. Rick did most of the testing for the new model. He even went so far as to put lead weights in the back of the boat to simulate different weigh loads as Rick is about 150 pounds. He consistently got over 20 mph. Apparently some servos were not programmed properly, and the boat was not reaching full throttle. So they are in the process of reprogramming all of the new ones.

There were enough complaints about water coming up over the back that they have decided to go back to a one-piece lid with a better cold air intake. Apparently the current design had issues with this. Rick said it's quite stylish fwiw!

Throttle servo is now not only more robust, but waterproof. They admitted there was a little quality control issue with the electronics and advised me to check my terminal block in the joystick box. Sure enough a couple of them were a little bit loose. I also thought originally there was no O-ring, but there is in fact an O-ring on the side cover. Extremely precise fit, and no way water is getting in there.

I chatted with Tom a little bit about the overdrive box. I was thinking that since there is now a gear ratio there, that you could spin the impeller faster than the engine. While this is correct to a degree, you can quickly overtax the engine by trying to push that too much. Seems like somewhere around 4300 rpm's is maxed out in the 2.0. Mokai played around with lots of different ratios btw during testing, according to Rick.

I can also say that while this boat may start out at about 3750/3780  (4546 impeller speed) it quickly drops down to about 3520 after a few miles. That puts the RPMs at 4224. All else being equal, the ES-Kape 1 modified with EX-17 head, watercooled, etc. is actually capable of greater speed as it's 30+ pounds lighter. The 4200 in the version 2 is probably sustainable as well without modifications, so  may end up being a little cheaper in terms of total price, but  you do give up storage to a degree as it's already maxed out for weight.
If Tom can cool, and keep the 2.0 cool, it should outperform the version 1, but that's a bit "if" right now.

This boat is also never going to be as functional as earlier versions due to the extra weight.
My decision to purchase was largely due to availability and  the need for greater speed. Earlier models are probably still a  better value  if you can find em and wiling to upgrade.  For somebody who just wants to buy and go , and  is less concerned with getting into the shallows, etc. I think this boat is going to be fine.

The electronics are still better on the 2.0 if you plan to keep em.

George  ( hillbilly)  ask to see some images of the pump and the clearance underneath , so here you go George. 

 I hit the bottom of the river yesterday ,  which had a lot of small pebbles. I  hit pretty hard too, so  took a couple photos of the underside to see where the boat hit.  I should be seeing something on the plastic nozzle or pump, but  I think there's actually more around the grate. Right now water is exceptionally low in my area. A few feet to the right of where I hit bottom and it was 18 inches. Know your river! 


Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by Painlesstom on July 22, 2019, 03:25:49 PM »
 Just a reminder that salt water is horrible for these boats... rinsing only delays the inevitable. Not so much the pump, but the engine and electrical.  :(
Chat / Re: Stik boat kickstarter Campaign
« Last post by niteshft on July 22, 2019, 02:58:15 PM »
I only emailed them for an order today so I'm expecting to hear from them by tomorrow. Unlike Stik, they respond very quickly. I requested delivery to a port in Portland, Me and I'll pick it up from there, it's only a couple hours drive. I expect the cost to be around $5100 so you aren't far off. Stik was charging $5000 for the boat and a 8.5% tax. That's nuts, I don't live in Texas so why should I pay tax? The first bid from Uship was $3000 from Texas to Maine...again, that's crazy. Aquanami charges $4700 for the boat and claims it's $400 to ship to any port.
  Are you going ahead with the purchase? $5290 to your door sounds reasonable and I would do it if Portland wasn't so close.
Chat / Re: New owner!
« Last post by happul3 on July 22, 2019, 02:45:23 PM »
Three weeks off the water, but Iím back! My back is 99% healed, so I went snorkeling in the river Sunday. I ordered a new mask that Aquachigger recommended, and tried it out. Unfortunately, the water was too murky, but it works.
Felt good being out on the water again!

Iíll be hitting the salt water in Stone Harbor next weekend for the first time. They have a fresh water wash off at the ramp, so Iíll definitely take advantage of that.

Great to hear you have recovered and back on water! Looking forward to your Stone Harbor (NJ, right?)pictures and story. Personally, I have only dared to go into brackish water so far... Incidentally, if you take an empty bucket with you, it can be filled with fresh water after the ride and used to soak the pump for a little while. Or do it after returning home. Much better than spraying, I think.

Chat / Re: Stik boat kickstarter Campaign
« Last post by Colter84 on July 22, 2019, 01:28:22 PM »

 Just curous, what was the to your door cost on the Stik going to be? I got a quote of $5,290 delivered to my door straight from Aquanami about a month ago.
Mokai ES-Kape / Re: Trim tabs
« Last post by Mokai Dreamin' on July 22, 2019, 10:29:20 AM »
It worked George, and thank you very much! Most generous!
I did send you my address via private email, so let me know if you don't get it, and I'll send again.
Mokai ES-Kape / Re: Trim tabs
« Last post by Hillbilly on July 22, 2019, 10:17:59 AM »
Hey Troy,

I found a set of trim tabs I didn't use.  Yours if you want them.  I couldn't get the PM thing to work.  Maybe you can PM me.
Mokai ES-Kape / Re: Trim tabs
« Last post by Mokai Dreamin' on July 22, 2019, 09:44:41 AM »
Not so sure I'd want to get into manufacturing them anyway. I will try a set out of some PVC, and I hope they will be flexible enough to not snap. One piece would be the best, but also the most amount of work. Too rigid, and I can see the them snapping or doing damage to the hull. Something like quarter inch PVC would flex enough, and it's a lot easier to glue than some other composites.
Mokai ES-Kape / Re: Trim tabs
« Last post by Painlesstom on July 22, 2019, 09:37:19 AM »
They do nothing on the old hull but slow it down.
Mokai ES-Kape / Re: Trim tabs
« Last post by Craig5251 on July 22, 2019, 09:35:06 AM »
I would be interested in something like that.
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