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Improving Your Mokai

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Title: Improvements - Pump and Wear Ring
Post by: Painlesstom on October 11, 2019, 12:32:04 AM
Someone somewhere in the world wanted to send their pump and wear ring housing from their 2.0 in for rebuild and hopefully an aluminum wear ring. I have been eager to see exactly what has been changed and what remained the same.

Turns out the pump is really no different than the 1.0 other than being a 2 piece housing, axle having a standard bolt head (1" six point), smaller pump shaft threading, and cone screws are 10-32 now instead of 10-24. I use longer screws for added clamping force and insurance, that is what you see in the pictures beside the three short screws. Seeing the same problems as usual, water inside and seal damage. This pump only has 10 hours on it so far and the seal was installed dry, which is what I attribute the damage from since it looks very heat related. So my oil lube rebuild is now available on 2.0 pumps for anyone interested. Shaft is 5/8" 14 spline compared to the previous models 3/4" 17 spline.

My aluminum steering nozzle fits with no problem as well, the same nozzle is being used on this as the 1.0 so no changes there.

Happy to be able to offer my aluminum wear ring for this model now too! The tapered housing actually turned out to be a good thing for ensuring the ring is perfectly centered in the housing, and as Mokai claimed it makes removal much easier.... mine will come out with the pump so no worries about it getting stuck.  I will be adding these to my store soon, email me if you need to order before that happens.
Title: Re: Improvements - Pump and Wear Ring
Post by: happul3 on October 12, 2019, 05:25:26 PM
... why be mad at anybody? This is a plastic boat with a lawn mower engine that we're all just trying to have fun with.  ;D

Well said! 
Title: Re: Improvements - Pump and Wear Ring
Post by: Duff on October 13, 2019, 09:52:31 AM
No Gadget is without weak points. Especially one that we drive up fast shallow rapids inches above the rocks, mud, sand, sticks...etc. Owners, manufacturers and aftermarket working together creates the best results. Sometimes it takes a blow up to  identify and correct a weak point.