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Re: New Pump Rebuild Video
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2015, 11:49:21 AM »

Really enjoyed the video.  Your boat sounds great and looks like a worry free craft going through the water.

Also happy to hear your story about the muffler cooling coil's effect on your performance.  I have a Painless water cooled muffler sitting in my basement which am about to mount on a motor.  It has been a spare but why have your best parts on the shelf?

Also recently received four pumps from Tom.  One belongs to a buddy and was the star of Tom's "worst ever" video.  It is beautiful and perfect.  I dropped my three pumps off to have the new seal installed.  With the new seal, I can turn the shaft easily with my fingertips.  Could never do that before and was surely wasting power just to turn the pump at all.  Looking forward to getting back on the water after this very long winter.

Your video made me go back and review your muffler development.  So nice.  Watching the video shows how well your bracing system works.