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I will not be a victim of CRACK! (Update - Still Cracked....)

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After seeing more than a few boats that had developed cracks around the wear ring housing in the hull, I discussed how I would reinforce that area to prevent it from happening. For those who have worked with 1/16th 6061, knows how tough the stuff is to bend and I am more than confident the pump is sufficiently supported now. I fear no crack no more!  :)

Update - Cracks still developed in the bottom left mounting screw molding hump into the intake tunnel. See Reply #15 of this thread for more info.

Looks like a really neat job the way you did it.  Apparently you didn't find it necessary to compensate for the 1/16" difference in length.  I'll have to take a look at mine and see if I think I need to do this.  I certainly don't want to experience the dreaded crack... ;)

Thanks, I'm very pleased with the finished result. I haven't checked the spline engagement yet, but I know I will at least have to shorten the hull bearing hose so the seal rides on the shaft again. It was right at the edge before. I think it would be an even better idea on yours, considering the extra weight you have on your steering nozzle. Bending the aluminum is a bit of a chore, but the peace of mind it will provide is priceless.   :)

Nice work. So the sides/bottom, tho not anchored help reduce flex within the plate?

Thanks. If you look at the pictures you will see the sides are bolted to the hull, I didn't feel the bottom needed any.. not much room inside to add the nuts and washers anyhow.


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