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I would like to make this page dedicated to web sites for motor parts and upgrades if every one doesn't mind! Makes it easer to find something when you can't remember where it was? If you can a website, a brief description and a couple of photos!  Thanks Dragon


Honda , Subaru and Briggs& Stratton upgrade parts 
Fly wheels are no good (no charging magnets ) racing only!

Great idea, thanks for starting this.

This site has all the quick disconnect fittings you could ever need or want.

This is a popular site for GX Honda racing parts.

This site you can get replacement stainless rod end quick disconnects.

Lots of useful products on this site, specifically the edge trim for the cockpit and engine compartment.

This site is a good place to shop for a windshield.

This site sells lots of kayaking and camping stuff. This link takes you to the console that fits the Mokai.

Look forward to seeing what else is shared here.  :)

Nice going Dragon.... I have a site that I used to outfit my fishing kayak. Also to outfit my Mokai soon. From Ram/Scotty Mounts and stainless hardware to cable clamps and rod holders. I think it's one of the best sites affording a good variety of stock items that we all could use. It's called HOOK 1 Kayak Fishing Gear. You could google the site and you'll be led there. Check it out... You'll always find something that you'd like for your Mokai. Very reasonable prices. Especially for the small stuff that you need or want to replace. I have a container with compartments that have stainless screws, rivets, washers, nuts and bolts of all sizes. Always good to have an assortment for emergencies.



Quality LED lighting:



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