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2019 Mokai
« on: April 19, 2019, 02:19:12 PM »
I just got an email from Marie, they are starting to roll them out, ( so they say )
Soooo, they donít listen to Tom........Yet the clutch is standard now, the seat is better, joystick can be used on top, etc.

They want to know if Iím keeping my reservation. 😜😜😄😄 seeing how they lowered the capacity by 100lbs, I donít think so!!

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Re: 2019 Mokai
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 05:05:18 PM »
Says now in production, who knows when they'll start shipping. We'll see!!

You know Rick had to swallow A LOT of pride to finally get smart and steal my clutch idea. All those years of bashing me and my product about how bad of an idea it was and how it's not safe etc... Him and Marie both made up so many things to badmouth my cutch!!! LOL I'm seeing the belt drive as a weak link, and the transaxle gearbox is going to eat a lot of power. Wonder if they make that, or just adapted something already available. Air plenum still looks very anemic, especially for a bigger motor... Muffler still exposed to the elements so rain and waves will get in the outlet no problem. Waterproof throttle servo still isn't rated for the temps it's exposed to, curious if they changed anything with the steering servo too. I'm just seeing another version of the mess they came out with last time, this time it will be harder to make right.. if even possible. I've always compared these boats to a steak... Honda model was a rare steak with some off the wall seasoning, easy to wash off and finish cooking to taste. Subaru was a bit overcooked but the seasoning wasn't the worst, still fixable. The ES-kape was overcooked and had bad seasoning, was salvageable but hard to make it good. The 2.0 looks to be a well cooked beef patty that has no room to make changes. They over complicated everything, packed more in and left less room. Pump is still hanging off the back with zero protection. The seat looks more comfortable, reminds me of the one I got in mine from walmart.  :D