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Probably asked this in the past but should I be doing anything with my batteryís during the winter? Do I need to put them on a charger or is there a battery tester I can buy to check them before heading out each spring? Iím not able to start them once a week since I keep them in the house during the winter.

You could put them on a trickle charger, that would be a good idea. Personally I just start mine every few weeks and let it idle for 20 minutes, I know that isn't an option for many though.

Would something like this work? Iíve never had the need to take off the tape, so I donít know what the terminals look like?

If this would work, it would keep the GoPro and phone charged at camp, then I could get all those catfish on video. Lol

You could clip that on when the boat isn't running, battery has the flat blade type terminals.

Thanks Tom. Can you send me an eBay link to a battery tester? I'm curious to see what it would read.
As you know, I didn't have any problem the past 2 years with getting it started...just keeping it running, which had nothing to do with the battery of course. Hee Hee


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