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where to buy this factory black washer

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Nice to use few of these in holding the boat decal.

Some hardware stores have drawers of miss. washers, bolts and other hard to find items in the nut and bolt isle. You might have some luck finding something there. It might not match what you have but could work. Otherwise, you could contact Mokai and see if you can get them there.


--- Quote from: Mokai Dreamin' on August 24, 2019, 03:12:21 AM ---Found these on Amazon:
They look pretty close and include stainless steel bolts.

These may be even closer:

--- End quote ---

This one from Tom will work from mccaster plus paint it black.
I will only buy from Mokai those that cannot be sourced outside. I noticed they ship quick (withon 2 business days) but expensive. I purchased recently the Honda Gov spring and i was charge for 30 dollars. 15 for the spring and 15 shipping from NY to NC. But my fault, i just placed the order without asking for the invoice details. Rick and Maria were nice though answering questions with no hesitations. But not happy about how they sell MOKAI. There should be a product demo before asking customer orders. Is that even legal? Selling a product without first showing especially when theres a major change like this year. It's ok if they would accept returns with them paying the shipping..Maybe they do and i just do not know it. But again i love Marie, Rick, Tom and Bill as they all are part of this nice Toy that helps me release stress on weekends.

Niteshif, i tried ACE hardware and no luck.

 Sorry to hear ACE didn't have anything that would work. There are other work arounds but would require specific tools and materials. A plug cutter, a comparative plastic, countersink tool to fit a drill and the problem would be solved. There isn't any reason to pay exorbitant prices for those pieces...maybe friends have some of the tools required to fit the needs.

 You may have seen stamped washers made of brass...you know, a humped ring with a tapered center for a tapered (wrong description) screw? That might work as well and are very cheep to purchase at any hardware store.

  Then again, if you are just holding the decal, a black washer used for a faucet might work. You can find them with a tapered center for the screw. They are a bit smaller but you don't need much of a screw to hold that in place. you should be able to find those at any hardware store or Home Depot.


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