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Pump Rebuilding Services
« on: May 13, 2012, 12:49:29 PM »
When you have pump problems and want it fixed right, I offer a rebuild that has proven most reliable.
Most of the pumps I've rebuilt were full of water, I've developed a better sealing system that has prevented that from happening.  I'm here to help everyone, anyone who has dealt with me already knows that.

I double seal the front of the housing and make a gasket to seal the rear cone instead of the leak prone o-ring. If needed, I replace the front and rear bearings (Nachi/SKF), relieve the axle of it's interference so there is less preload on the bearings, as well as set up the impeller shaft so there is no runout. I install a grease Zerk fitting into the back of the cone so grease can be added via a standard grease gun. You can service the lubrication needs yourself now, no need to guess what is lubricating your bearings. The housing is then pumped full of synthetic marine grease for more reliable lubrication.Your pump will last forever and I guarantee that.   Cost is $85 + Shipping.