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Carburator to engine gasket

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I am trying to find a source for the gasket that goes between the carburator and the engine pulse plate for my EX21 engine.  I have searched through Jack's Small Engines and I am unable to fine this particular gasket.  I can find the one that goes between the air cleaner and the carburator but not the opposite side.  Surely they are available somewhere.  Anyone have a source or part number for this item. ???





Thanks, Tom.  Insulator gasket.  That description didn't cross my mind I guess.  I will get in touch with them and change my order.

Glad to help. It drove me nuts trying to find those back when I needed them. Got a couple dozen of each, just don't be in a hurry for them as Jack's is not very fast in the shipping dept.  ::)

I was able to change my order with Jack's.  I am in need of one right now for one of Byron's engines. I tried to be as careful as possible when removing the carb. but the gasket was stuck to both parts and it's not in usable shape.  Would you be willing to sell me one?  I will reimburse you via papal.


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